Hello, my name’s Daniel. I’m a Cardiff University graduate and aspiring journalist/writer. I set up this blog mainly as an excuse to write at length about television, something I’ve always been passionate about and can often ramble on and on about at the slightest provocation. What you’ll find here are those ramblings, but slightly more coherent, well-thought-out and, hopefully, more entertaining, enthusiastic and informative.

This blog will mainly feature posts about recent TV, often American dramas and comedies, with a few entries about British shows . It will also have entries highlighting great shows that are no longer on the air, and shows that I’m still catching up on. If you’re looking for something to watch and need recommendations, have a browse through here and you’ll find plenty of posts about great TV (and Agents of Shield, which is… not great TV). I might start writing about shows that are utterly terrible, too, just for the fun of it, but first I have to catch up on Orange Is The New Black. And Hannibal. And Arrow, and True Detective, and Fargo, and Orphan Black and…

Hope you enjoy your visit. Leave a comment if you’d like, feedback’s always appreciated.



2014 EDIT: A few months after starting this blog, not really expecting anyone to actually read it, I’ve been slowly gaining followers and even a few likes here and there. A couple of people have left a positive comment, and whenever I get that little notification email it feels like a far more momentous occasion than it probably should be. To my followers or anyone just passing by, thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and keep coming back.

For new visitors, here’s a few posts that have been particularly popular, to give you a taster of what you can find on Square Eyed.

The Wrong Mans was one of my earliest posts – the second one I ever wrote –  and it was the most popular post on the blog by the end of 2013. I feel a bit bad that, being British, I don’t really write about much British TV. This is one of the few exceptions.

This Game of Thrones post got the most likes of any post on the blog so far.

I wrote quite a lot about Community and Doctor Who, enough to give them their own sections on the blog.

I occasionally do lists, too, like this one about my favourite Christmas episodes. No-one seems to read them, but I like them.





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