Blog update!


This is just a quick filler post update, since I haven’t written about the blog itself since it started in October last year.

Much to my surprise, people are actually reading this, and liking posts, and following the blog. So thank you, you mysterious internet-travellers, I hope you like what you read. If you do, maybe post a comment. If you don’t, maybe post a comment. I’d like to have some feedback, basically.

If you’re new to this blog, hello! Welcome! How are you? That’s great, let me show you around. If you like Doctor Who, you’ve come to the right place. The first post on this blog ever was about a show that ended up being a bit rubbish, but luckily there’s been some good stuff on, like Veep and The Wrong Mans. Incidentally, The Wrong Mans post is, for some reason, the most popular post on the blog. It’s also the shortest. COINCIDENCE? Perhaps not.

Do you like Community? It’s good! Never seen it before? No worries, here’s why you might like it and here’s its best bits. Do you like lists? Got some cracking lists for you. Best Christmas episodes,best TV of 2013, all of that goodness.

There’s not a lot on at the moment, though, so recent posts have been focused on older TV shows (E.g. the entire Rewind, Rewatch feature series – Friday Night Lights, Fringe, Fr– oh, that’s it).

Due to all of the blog posts being fairly long, I only put the first few paragraphs of each post on the front page, to avoid it being covered in one long post and pushing the others really far down the page where no-one would ever see them. To read the rest of the posts, click the ‘Read More’ link at the bottom of each post on the front page. Do it. Go on, it’ll be fun. Promise.

Coming up: House of Cards (the Netflix remake), True Detective, something British – I haven’t done many posts about British TV (British TV that isn’t Doctor Who, anyway), but that’s going to change soon. Also coming up: more old shows for the ‘Rewind, Rewatch’ feature, including the original British version of House of Cards, and other shows that don’t begin with ‘Fr’.

Thanks for reading,



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